“Being a part of #AbbiesArmy is to be a part of and stand for the fluidity of time. Whether that be physically, mentally, or emotionally, we are each a warrior in our own lives fighting to protect ourselves amongst the everchanging rules of society. #AbbiesArmy is about breaking barriers, challenging our innate confidence, giving hope to those in need, and being a part of something greater than ourselves. It’s about saying F**K OFF to anyone who stands in the way of your greatness.

And finding where you belong along the way.




NAME: Abbie Ross


BASED IN: Chicago, Illinois

ABOUT: Abbie Ross is a fashion designer based out of Chicago, Illinois. Ross’s vision as a designer goes beyond simply feeling empowered in an Abbie Ross design: “I believe anyone can wear a piece that flatters their figure and feel confident in doing so. Hence, I wanted to take it one step further... to encourage people to become introspective and challenge their confidence. I do this by designing pieces that break boundaries, push gender fluidity, take the wearer out of his or her comfort zone - making them feel uncomfortable for a minute - in order for them to dive into a level of consciousness they didn’t know exists. When we are encouraged to take ourselves out of our own and wear something that challenges our level of confidence, all of a sudden the beauty of the piece goes deeper than the aesthetic and the functionality of it.. the two become merged into a form of beauty through the experience of how it makes the wearer FEEL."